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Pallet Jack or Pallet Truck with Scale

The Pallet Jack Scales have been designed for use in rugged areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines. By incorporating one of the pallet jack scales into your daily operations, you will be guaranteed an accurate weight reading of 0.1% of the applied load. Using one of the pallet jack scales during routine handling operations allows for time savings over moving materials to a central scale and then to a final destination. Inventory control can be achieved with the piece counting features on the Intercomp PW 800 pallet jack scale.

CAS Pallet Jack Scale

CAS cps2 Pallet jack with electronic scale & built in printer

Save time with carrying and weighing
all at once with the CAS pallet jack scale!

Capacity: 5000 x 1 lb.
Model A: 21.3 (W) x 42.5 (D) x 45.5 (H)
Model B: 24.4 (W) x 42.5 (D) x 45.5 (H)
Model C: 27.8 (W) x 47.2 (D) x 45.5 (H)

Intercomp PW800


Intercomp Pallet Truck Scale
PW800 - 5000 lb Capacity

Now it's a breeze to check weights anywhere in your plant, in transit without hauling loads to a platform scale. Enjoy instant weighing with an efficient and convenient mobile pallet jack scale.

Accuracy of ±0.1%. Low-cost operation 9 "D" cell batteries with up to 40 hour battery life. Quick verification of incoming/outgoing freight. Multi-purpose mobile weighing. Large, easy to read .8" LED display.

PW 800-2748 48" x 27" x 2.9" 5000 lb. CAP
PW 800-2148 48" x 21" x 2.9" 5000 lb. CAP



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